“Just Housing” Teron McGrew

“Given sincerity, there will be enlightenment.” The Doctrine of the Mean, 200 B.C.E.

My name is Teron McGrew and I am the CEO, McGrew & Associates.  I am a housing and community development consultant.  I have a strong affinity towards fair housing legislation and believe affordable, accessible, sustainable and safe housing is a fundamental and basic need for all human beings on the planet earth.  I believe that one’s choice in renting or home ownership is a right and what I coin as “Just Housing.”  It is a simple concept that is not often talked about in a positive light, because of the discriminatory practice that has been racialized, marginalized and has segregated our communities, neighborhood, and lives by the “Color of the Law.” (Richard Rothstein, 2017).  The colors of the people in these geographical landscaped areas are wide and varied (with an international influence) however, usually black and brown.  Also, always swaying on an unbalanced Scales of Justice for fairness and equality–the low-income, the poor, in particular, African-Americans.

The purpose of taking the scientific writing class is to write and utilize the materials that I have acquired over 25 years–all things related to housing, real estate development, construction, sustainability management, design, and engineering.  I will shape this knowledge into my “own” creative thoughts to serve and stimulate my readers to the intrigue of doing the same, or to “just think about these things.” (Philippian 4:6: KJV).  I will write about how housing-shelter is the foundation to a better life, neighborhood, and community.

My modus operandi is to share opinions, article, viewpoints, and perspectives from a myriad of resources for the purpose to share perspectives on what fair housing looks like, feels like, smells like and to answer the charge of exploring “new forms of knowledge” on affordable and accessible housing or not.  I want to take my audience into a world of truth only to close their reading of my blog with a heightened awareness to change the human condition in housing because, it is not a choice, it is a right!

This class will allow me to establish the blog form under the direction of Jessica Huber.  I will learn a better scientist writing methodology and pedagogy to write about the “real world praxis mixed with a theory” of fair housing in a simple, sincere, compassionate, elegant, fun, entertaining, and educational way.  With this intention, I will bring forth a progressive creativity and innovative lens and voice.  In addition, the goal and desire of the blog is an invitation to my reader to join me in the movement into an “imagination that is everything, a preview of forthcoming attractions.” (Albert Einstein). I encourage imagination because this is the vehicle for a resolution to the housing issues of today-displacement, homelessness, and affordability.  Only to create a fair and equitable housing for all.

I will examine fair housing legislation practices, race & real estate.  The majority of the blogging for this class will be on residential segregation.

I am currently working towards a certificate in construction and sustainability management at the University of California Berkeley (UCB) Extension program.


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